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#CrowdSourcing Ranks Social Curation App Launch

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Trust Anchors use #CrowdSourcing to Rate and Rank Social Curation Mobile Apps. Filters that Verify Real-Time Social Influence Data is needed for the huge task of making wise connections #Crowd-Sourcery.com enables the filtering and verification of real-time data from channels like Twitter, SMS, Email and RSS feeds.

TVisio is beta testing a Social Curation App to help you select and navigate multiple platforms. Curating the results of massive new connections requires content management. Shoulder responsibility and embue Your online presence with thoughtful consideration for others. Make sure time spent has real meaning. Virtual augmentation of click registry is the real battleground of influence measurement and brand identity. This is why we are #ranking #rating #download volume measuring the surge in Mobile Apps ceation.

Meet and network with producers of the new economy. Build Virtual Currency and and Your Brand with Empire Avenue, a social networking stock market game that scores values directly affected by your participation on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr and Youtube. Empire Avenue If you're not already signed up, Occupy Empire Avenue Now! You'll get 2,000 eaves free from me. When you sign up, the first thing you will do is to choose your ticker symbol. I am eTVISIO. See my stock price in the right column. Buy me cheap and capture dividends to grow your social network.

Whetstone-Multi-Media shows how video is destined to be the commonplace content type and interaction model for most people. Below is the QR Code and Map to Whetstone's Studio 212 Map to Whetstone's Studio 212

New Business Crowdsourcing "Disruptive-Media" is transforming search and advertising via cellphones. Put the next content niche branding strategy and resources to work for your website. Mobile-Local-SEO

First get up to speed on the Next Media Content-Curation Niche

I'm Bill Whetstone, creator of TVisio. I'm a Multi-Media Artist/Sculptor and Canon 5D Video Producer. I endorse Ken Evoy's "Way of the Turtle"