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Yahoo Launches "Network Distribution,"- Loses Search Game

Advertisers will have the ability to separately bid on campaigns for Yahoo, the partner network, or both. He also discussed a tool (which is currently in beta) that lets advertisers control their accounts while offline.

I'm testing out Yahoo as my primary search engine, switching from Google to Yahoo...not because Yahoo's superior, but because Google already has a monopoly on most of my personal info. I'll try not to go all geeky on you and explain why.

Lack of Diversity Online?

If you spend as much time online as I do, you can dump a tremendous amount of personal data into the cloud every day. Think about the percentage of the Cloud Google owns.

For me, it's 5 years of work and personal email in Gmail. For countless others it means years of events in Google Calendar, phone calls and voicemail in Google Voice, documents and spreadsheets in Google Docs, web page viewing habits in Google Reader.

If that ain't enough, Google has a record of everything you search the web for in their daily logs.

Of all that data input... web search queries are probably the most revealing.

People compose email messages, calendar events, and voicemail with natural filters because often we're sharing them with other people (for instance, the recipients of your messages.

There is nothing like web search queries to reveal your deepest darkest thoughts, dreams and private nightmares. This info runs filter-free when you're communicating to a bot. You won't email your list about your swelling prostate or ask about the best ways to file for bankruptcy. You would more likely Google that stuff.

Taking into account email, calendar, RSS feeds AND your web search queries, Google is capable of building an extremely detailed profile of you as a human bean counter Can You Say "Big Brother?" Of course they would never sell or rent out any of that data now would they?....don't answer that.

Just thinging bout it gets my panties in a wad!

Could it be time for you to take a few personal info goodies out of Google's monster monopoly game?

Currently, Goog and Yahoo search engines aren't that different when it comes to the bottom line of quality results, features, etc..

Yahoo's Search Results are not so variant from Google's within reasonable margin of error Try a week of searching with Yahoo instead of Google and you might find that Yahoo! offers a whole lot of the same stuff Google does. There's even a few decent ones Google doesn't. OK it ain't Goole-zilla but 90% of the time Yahoo's results are just as good as the Big G.

Yahoo Gets Whacked In Search Wars

It seems to be that Yahoo's been struggling to keep up with The Big G, but it offers a couple features that Google doesn't have or. at least builds upon Google's thing-a-majiggy.

How to Add Your Site to the Yahoo! Search Index

Yahoo! also offers several ways for content providers to submit web pages and content directly to the Yahoo! Search index and to the Yahoo! Directory.

The goal of Yahoo! Search Technology is to discover and index all of the content available on the web to provide the best possible search experience to users. The Yahoo! Search index, which contains several billion web pages, is more than 99% populated through the free crawl process. Yahoo! Search crawls the web every 2-4 weeks and automatically finds new content for indexing. If pages already in the Yahoo! Search index link to your site, it is considered for inclusion in the next update of the index.

Getting your site listed in major directory services such as the Yahoo! Directory and DMOZ is an excellent way to be sure that there are links pointing our crawler to your site.

Get Backlinks / TrackBacks to these Yahoo Sites

Yahoo Pipes for TVisio

Director: Bill Whetstone (edited July 20th, 2011)
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iKernoclast Murdoch Trial Turns into Witchhunt for Political DIY-Socialnomic-Stimulus. Wife Wendy Deng Swings Mean Right Hook

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George Soros is Sucking the Blood of News Corp faster than Lawyers can Cannibalize our Economy. TVisio hacking scandal reveals a delusional plan to entertain the next QE3 Bailout before Geithner flees. Google+ search results generate instant page ranking at iKernoclast.

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