Teachers and students are embracing web technologies such as blogging and podcasting. Although not designed specifically for use in education, these tools are helping to make e-learning far more personal, social, and flexible.

Couple that with the trends in "Sustainability" and you have Sustainable Social Networks for a Greener Web 2.0.

One of the leaders in social networks for education is an excellent example of how web 2.0 is shaping e-learning. Elgg is social networking software designed especially for education - built from the ground up to support learning.

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A Greener Web 2.0 Economic Stimulus through Crypto Capitalism

Director: Bill Whetstone (edited June 30, 2011)
Multi-Media Art Whetstone-Multi-Media

iKernoclast Facebook and Google race to Monopoly status. Feds Shake down Google+ Social Invites to Fund QE3 Debt Bomb Diversion.

Google+ Social Invitation demand Melts Down Servers. Remember to Google + 1 and go here to get on the Google + Invitation List The Feds are Sucking the Blood of Google's Monopoly faster than Lawyers can Cannibalize our Economy in a sinister plan to fund the next QE3 Bailout. Get "mo' better" organic site traffic when you Guest Post here on iKernoclast. Learn new ways to link with your inner circle from Google+ Circles.

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I'm Bill Whetstone, creator of TVisio. I'm a Multi-Media Artist and Canon 5D Videographer-Producer who recommends Ken Evoy's "Way of the Turtle"

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Multiple-Micro-Markets and their long tails climb a wall of worry. Bill Whetstone reveals how to Re-purpose Your Business. Avoid the huge cost of maintaining status quo and defy the fear and panic running rampant with Whetstone's cutting edge reports embedded in TVisio Socialnomic Stimulus.

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Eight Web Privacy & Security Tips.

1. Use a Fake Birthday for Web Signups

Most of the information web sites ask for when you sign up is unnecessary or unsafe. Identity thieves do damage with your birthday. Make sure you don't post both the date and the year of your birthday on anything public like Facebook.  If  required to use it for a web signup, use a different date.  Never give out all your personal information.

2. Change Your Gender for Less Annoying Ads Change the gender on your account.  Setting your gender as male can help you escape the annoying diet or motherhood ads if you're a female. 

3. Use HTTPS Whenever Possible A super easy way to stay safe on the net, and a lot of services will use it by default with a quick settings tweak. Enable it on FacebookTwitter, and Gmail by ticking a checkbox. Use the HTTPS Everywhere extension, which will use HTTPS on any site that allows it.

4. Use AdBlock, Even if You Don't Block Ads

AdBlock Plus, AdBlock extensions are great privacy tools, even if you aren't blocking ads. They can keep you protected from known malware spreaders, and even keep sites like Pandora from hijacking your Facebook login. You need is a few simple filters in place.

5. Save Yourself from IM Distractions and Annoyances There's nothing more annoying (or distracting) than getting an instant message from someone you don't want to talk to. Luckily, there are quite a few things you can do to keep your IMs more private, like only allowing your friends to message yougo invisible on a schedule, or only show your online status to the Facebook friends you actually like.

6. Use Disposable Email Addresses to Avoid Spam

7. Create Secure, Easy-to-Remember Passwords There's a lot of tricks to creating easy, memorable passwords without making them easy to guess. We've shared many password-creation tricks before, like storing your passwords in a dictionary, or making sure you use multi-word phrases for better protection.  Adding a space or two to your passwords can make it harder to break.

8. Keep Your Security Questions as Private as Your Passwords Strong passwords are important, but useless if your "security question" is something anyone can answer.  Use a formula to create a memorable, yet indecipherable security question.

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